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Sharp Bros Construction LLC.    We Build Relationships...   We Build Trust...   We have Experience...   


Having many years of experience in the construction services industry you'll be certain you've made the right decision in our company for your project(s).  We offer services in the private and commercial sector, and our quality of work far exceeds your expectations.   It is our expertise that guarantees our customers the most effective, most thorough outcome.


At Sharp Bros Construction, we believe in providing not just construction services, but solutions. The challenges of construction, specifically marine contruction, inspire us to improve upon our solutions and to complete our projects in ways that exceed our customers' expectations.   Hire us today!

Bulkhead, Marine Construction
Treated Foundation Pilinings
Marine Piers and Walks
Piers / Walks
Boat Shed and Boat Lift Installation
Land and Lot Cleaning, Bulldozer, Excavator
Excavation and Site Work
Boat Lifts
Lot/Land Clearing
Driveways & Culverts

Killian, LA

(985) 351-0856

We Build Relationships...​

We Build Trust...​

We Have Experience...​

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