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  • I'm looking to install a new bulkhead, what is the cost?"
    The cost will vary based on location, depth of water, if an existing bulkhead is already in place, and if what options you might want. For example: Are you looking for a bulkhead only? Will the project include boat shed piling? Will there be a need to remove material offsite if a boat slip needs to be dredged or can the material be spread onsite? Will you want a roof covering the slip? Will you need piers/walks/decks? Will you want rub rails installed? Will you want piling caps? Many factors go into the final cost of a project. Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to come out and look at your project.
  • Do you provide a drawing of the work to be performed so I can get a visual of the finished project will look like?
    In most cases yes, but some projects do not require a visual. Here is a sample of scope of work document.
  • Do you install house/camp foundation piling?
    Absolutely! Sharp Bros. Construction can install your foundation piling for your home, camp, driveways, footings, etc. Give us a call about your project and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.
  • Do you install wood or vinyl bulkheads?
    Either! Tell us what you perfer and we'll bring it to light. We can even provide you a quote on wood versus vinyl if you perfer.
  • Do you install boat lifts?
    Yes. Our boat lifts of made out of all aluminum with stainless hardware! Other lift types are available but out maintenance free lifts are the most popular (no wood).
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